Calling Us Home – Original Piano Composition

Hey guys!

Today I thought I’d share a video of me playing another one of my new  original songs, “Calling Us Home,” which will be included in my upcoming album, “New Beginnings,” set to release December 1.

I wrote this song shortly after getting a shot of inspiration from another solo piano artist I was listening to. The song had a very “heavenly” feel, with some key changes, & an uplifting mood. It made me want to write a song with that same feeling. I had actually been thinking about writing a “God” song for awhile but just didn’t quite have the right inspiration. For some reason, listening to the feel of that song opened up this whole melody in my mind & I knew how I wanted the song to sound before I even sat down at the piano. Easier said than done though! This was one of the most challenging pieces I’ve ever written. I’ve never been the best at key changes in general anyway & this one has THREE (what was I thinking? haha) It took a lot of hard work & repetition to make the vision in my head for this song come to life, but it was very rewarding when I did finally accomplish it.

“Calling Us Home” starts out a bit somber. In this part of the song, I picture someone in a difficult situation reaching out to God for help, almost questioning whether or not He will answer, unsure if He’s really there or not, but reaching out in desperation with their one last sliver of hope they have left. During this part of the song, I specifically think of that person saying, “God, do you hear me?” As the song builds, I picture the faith of this person building & building until God answers their call at the key change. This is when God is calling that person to Himself, He is drawing them closer to Him, & lovingly inviting them to their heavenly home. The rest of the song has a feeling of great joy & rejoicing & I picture the very end being when the person is finally joined with God in Heaven & has said YES to God’s call home.

I feel like this song can apply to so many different occasions in our lives, whether it be the very minute daily occurrences of doubting whether or not God is really there for us, like when someone we love has done something very hurtful to us, OR whether it be the very big moments like at our time of death or death of a loved one. This is a constant cycle for everyone. We fail, we doubt, & we sin… but God always calls us back home.


Hope you all loved this one!! 🙂 Thanks for listening & visiting my blog!

Love, Janeen

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