Falling Rain – Original Piano Composition

Hey all!!

Oh my gosh… I am recording New Beginnings in 4 DAYS!!! I cannot wait to have this completed!!

Today I’m sharing the very last song out of the 12 for New Beginnings. I have now officially shared them all with you, although I can’t wait for you to hear the professionally recorded versions (I do love my ol’ piano but the videos I record can never make the song sound AS GOOD as if it were live or professionally recorded). SO, I’m super pumped for you guys to hear the finished product!!

OK, so the song I’m sharing today is Falling Rain. As the title implies, this is a song for a rainy day! When I started writing this song, I was inspired by the thought of myself as a child, watching the raindrops falling down the windowpane on a rainy day. This song has a fun section where I cross my right hand over my left & play with my arms crossed. It has a descending pattern throughout, mimicking those falling raindrops I watched as a child. You will hear that the quiet, eerie feel of the song is broken up in the middle with a thunderous storm, then fades back to quiet rainfall to the end.

I hope you all enjoy my rainstorm song! I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for tuning in and for all your encouragement & support throughout the creation of this album. It means the WORLD to me!!!

Love, Janeen

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Facebook: Janeen Arens Piano 
YouTube: Janeen Arens
Instagram: janeen.arens

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