Taking Flight – Original Piano Composition

Hey all!!

Just a few more songs to share for the New Beginnings album!! I have moved my recording date up to October 29 so it is just around the corner! The song I’m sharing with you today is called, “Taking Flight.”

I specifically remember this melody coming to me on a beautiful day while I was out on my daily walk. Something you may not know is that I come up with almost ALL of my song ideas when I am away from the piano… walking, driving, getting ready, showering, watching TV, you name it. It is very strange how it happens honestly, because I am almost never thinking about trying to come up with a melody or write a song. It’s like God just plants the seed in my head & says, “OK here it is. What are you going to do with it now?” When this happens, I try to minimize all distraction & spend some time with that melody idea. I take the headphones out, I turn off the TV, I turn off the radio in the car, & I spend some time with that “seed.” Most of the time, I have almost the whole song composed & playing in my head before I even sit down at the piano.

In this particular case, I was out on a walk listening to podcasts, when God gave me “Taking Flight.” I remember not being able to get home fast enough to try to bring it to life on the piano!! Soon my “flying” song was born. It has a soaring, freeing feeling throughout (with just a little turbulence in the middle).

I’m not sure why God decides to give me these melodies at random moments, but I’m always glad when he does.

Thanks for listening!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Love, Janeen

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