New Beginnings – Original Piano Composition

Hello hello!!

Today I’m sharing a video of me playing one of my first compositions I wrote for the new album, “New Beginnings.”

New Beginnings was the VERY FIRST song I ever shared a video of me playing on social media!! If you want to check that out, see my first music blog post here. This song really was my “launch off” point as far as finally having enough courage to decide to finally record my music on a CD & also share my music on the internet (gasp)!

This song was written shortly after my husband & I decided to become homeowners!! We had just moved into our new home & one evening, Brandon was out officiating a basketball game, & I found myself home alone with nothing in our living room yet but my piano. I sat down & inspiration hit me like a lightning bolt. In less than an hour, I had composed this entire song (might be a record for me)! It was just my piano & me, in an empty room in a new house that we were about to make our home, full of new memories, new challenges, new happy times, a new piano journey for me & new beginnings.

Hope you enjoy this one!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Love, Janeen

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Instagram: janeen.arens

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