Top 5 Podcasts for Personal Development

Hello all!

Today I thought I’d share with you something that I have become ADDICTED to in the last 6 months… podcasts!! If you’ve never listened to podcasts, now is the time to start. There is SO MUCH good information out there. . . and all for free! I’ve been discovering some really good ones lately & honestly having trouble keeping up with all of them that I want to listen to. Seriously, I look forward to going on walks & listening to podcasts every day…I joke that it’s my therapy! 😉 I loved it so much that I would even bundle up & go out in the 0 degree snowy weather this winter to get my daily dose, like in this picture here:

Like I said … addicted.

Most of the podcasts I have discovered have been recommended to me by either friends or current podcasters I’m a fan of, which made it so much easier to sort through the thousands & thousands of podcasts that exist out there & cut to the ones that I’d enjoy most. SO, I thought I’d share the list of my current favorites with YOU! 🙂 Almost all of these are tailored to my interest in personal development, covering a whole slew of topics in that area, all the way from enjoying the simple pleasures in daily life to starting your own business. OK, so here we go:

1) The Chalene Show (Chalene Johnson)

* Let me just start by saying that Chalene Johnson is my IDOL when it comes to personal development. I first discovered her when I fell in love with her Turbo Fire workout. I then started following her on social media & realized that, although she is most recognized by the public as a fitness professional with her workout videos & programs (Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, Chalean Extreme, Turbo Kick, PIYO, etc.), her primary focus is in life coaching. This made me like her even more & I became a major fan, watching all her online videos, reading her book, listening to her Car Smart series, subscribing to her emails, etc. I guess her personality just really clicks with mine, I love her message, she’s fun, & she gives great content! So, when she came out with this podcast, I was psyched!! And it did not disappoint. It has quickly risen to the top of the charts in the podcasting world on i-Tunes. She covers a wide range of helpful content, including developing more confidence, staying motivated, tips on starting your own business, social media strategies, healthy living advice, building relationships …. and the list goes on. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN.

2) The Simple Sophisticate (Shannon Ables)

*This is an easy-listening podcast dedicated to living a simply luxurious life. Shannon focuses on finding beauty in the simple things in every day life, which aligns with my values as well. This one is just plain fun to listen to. It’s not as “serious” as some of the other ones I listen to, as she discusses things like entertaining, style, decor, food, beauty, etc. She also gives a little “petite pleasure” at the end of every podcast where she recommends certain products or recipes that she’s discovered. This is a good one!

3) This Is Your Life (Michael Hyatt)

* Michael has had years & years of experience in the corporate world as CEO of a publishing company, but now runs his own company on leadership. In this podcast, Michael & cohost Michelle, share great content on leadership, productivity, focus, & more that can be applied toward your professional or personal life. Lots of great content in this one!

4) The School of Greatness (Lewis Howes)

* As he says in the intro of every podcast, Lewis is a former pro-athlete, turned Lifestyle Entrepreneur. In his podcast, he interviews tons of successful people in all areas of life to share their stories on what makes them successful and … well, great! Many of these stories are very inspiring & influential & just interesting to listen to! Lewis has a very inspiring story himself, which he shared on The Chalene Show recently (you can find that here). He’s just a great guy sharing a great message! Definitely recommend.

5) The Smart Passive Income Podcast (Pat Flynn)

* This podcast is tailored toward advice on starting your own online business & creating a passive income for yourself. Some of this content is very eye opening as far as the potential there is in this online world! Even if you’re not planning on starting your own online business, this is a good one to listen to because it really makes you think about the potential for creating a secondary income for yourself & having a back up plan. Plus, there’s lots of great extra content about lifestyle tips & productivity that everyone can find useful!

6) Serial (Sarah Koenig)

* BONUS! This one is for pure entertainment purposes only. Let me tell you, I was HOOKED on this one. There are 12 episodes in the series & I listened to all of them in about a week. It’s a true story about a murder case from 1999, where a teenager was convicted of murdering his girlfriend & sentenced to life in prison. However, there’s some fishy stuff about this case, namely that he was convicted based on the word of 1 witness & there was no physical evidence against him. Sarah investigates this case & uncovers all kinds of juicy information that grabs your attention, makes you think, & leaves you wanting more! Apparently there might be a 2nd season of Serial coming out sometime? Sign me up! This one is super intriguing.

OK, so those are my favorite podcasts right now!! There’s more that I listen to from time to time (The Art of Charm, Good Life Project, The 5 AM Miracle, Freakonomics, & The Charged Life), but the ones listed are at the top for me.

To download or subscribe to podcasts, download the podcast app on your phone (free) & you can search & download episodes from there 🙂

Feel free to share any of your favorite podcasts in the comments! I’m always looking for new ones to add to my collection.

That’s all for today. Happy listening!

– Janeen

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