Stargazer – Original Piano Composition

Hello again!!

Since I’ve already taken it all the way back to the beginning with “Reflections of Joy,” I thought we’d just move right into song #2! This one is called “Stargazer.”

Honestly, if I had to pick my favorite song out of all that I’ve written so far, this would be it. I think the reason I’d pick this one as my favorite is that it’s definitely the most creative & complex song in my “library.” It still challenges me to this day (as you can tell from some of the errors in the video….shhh… haha)! The rhythms between right hand & left hand are complicated & kind of awkward, as they’re basically playing the same notes/melody but at a slightly different time in some parts (right hand follows immediately after the left hand). If I would play an extremely slowed down version of those parts, it would totally clash, but sped up, it all blends together & becomes this beautiful, glorious, mess of a song 😉

This one took lots of practice & repetition & hard work to train my fingers how to play it, which is another reason why I think Stargazer is so close to my heart. Sometimes I think I had an out of body experience when I wrote this song, because to this day I think to myself, “How did I write that?” haha!

This song definitely inspires a sense of wonder & awe in me every time I sit down to play it, much like the feeling of gazing at the stars on a clear summer night. I just love this one guys …. I hope you all enjoy “Stargazer” as much as I do!

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Thanks for following my melody!

– Janeen

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