Storm At Sea – Original Piano Composition

Hi All!!

Today I thought I’d share with you my most requested piano composition to play for my friends & family 🙂

Storm At Sea was the 3rd piano composition that I wrote when I first starting writing music at 14 years old. I remember wanting to come up with something big & strong sounding, so the low octave baseline was born, melody followed, & Storm At Sea instantly became my “crowd pleaser.” I’ll NEVER forget the moment when my 3 older brothers (who are all around 10 years older than me & were in their early 20’s & in college at the time) heard me play this song & they were fist-pumping around the room & high-fiving each other. Haha!

I knew I had something special with this composition & it continues to be the most requested song for me to play for my friends & family to this day. I’m extremely proud of this one. I used to dream of this becoming the theme song of a movie with orchestra added to it. Hey, it could still happen right? 😉 Ha! I don’t think an explanation on the title is needed as the melody speaks for itself (at least I hope so anyway!)

Hope you all enjoy Storm At Sea! If you’d like to hear more of my music, subscribe to my youtube channel, or visit the music page on the blog.

Thanks for listening!

– Janeen

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