From Fear to Joy: My Transformation in Performance

Hello everyone!

My friend Dana recently shared a picture on Facebook from her beautiful wedding back in September that I had the honor of playing for! When I saw the picture, it brought up lots of emotions. Here’s why…

Playing for Ramm Wedding

When I first saw this picture, I felt proud. If you would have asked me 10 years ago how I would have felt seeing a picture of me playing at a wedding in front of hundreds of guests, I would have said, “TERRIFIED.” In fact, I did play at some weddings in my early days, but I always approached it with FEAR, so it was never enjoyable for me (until it was over).

One of the defining moments in my past was when I made a mistake playing for my brother’s wedding. Because I was consumed by fear, this one little mistake led me on a downward spiral & I could not even continue the song. Instead, I stopped playing, sat at the piano, & burst into tears until my Dad came over & hugged me & told me everything would be OK (cue “Safe in Daddy’s Arms” here).

I am now a new person. I am grown up. I have rediscovered my passion. I have learned to view my gift through a whole new lens. Instead of approaching these challenges with fear, I approach them with joy & gratitude that I have this gift from God to share with others.

This wedding was my most challenging public performance to date, yet I was the MOST comfortable I’ve ever been playing in front of a large audience. This picture is a beautiful reminder of that, & it brings me to tears (of joy)!

– Janeen

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