Quick Craft to Make Use of All Those Christmas Cards!

Hey guys!

I came up with this super quick craft last night (seriously it took me like 5 minutes) & I just figured I’d share, since it’s a really great way to display all of those Christmas cards that we all get in the mail without cluttering up your fridge or just getting lost in a stack somewhere.

Although most of my creativity is applied to my music, I also LOVE paper crafts. I really don’t do it enough, but I just think it’s so fun to play with scrapbook paper & ribbon to make pretty signs, banners, calendars, etc.

So, here’s the step by step on how to make this quick Christmas Card Craft 🙂

1) Buy your supplies! I got everything I needed from my FAVORITE store here in Valentine, Cherry Blossom Paperie. You can get these items at any craft store. You will need:

– Ribbon (I used a thin red sparkly ribbon but you can use whatever ribbon you like!)

– Teeny tiny clothes pins (aren’t these the cutest things you’ve ever seen?)

– Merry Christmas sign/ornament (optional).

2) Cut your ribbon to the length you desire. Now, we just bought a new house this year & there has been this hook in the ceiling in the corner of our kitchen that we haven’t done anything with. SO, my idea for this project was to hang it from the ceiling & make it vertical. HOWEVER, you could totally do a horizontal version & make it “banner-style.” Just depends on the space you have!

3) Tie the ribbon to the hook (OR tie/tape/fixate to wherever you’re hanging your project if you’re doing a horizontal version).

4) Hang the Merry Christmas ornament at the top. This is optional but I think it just really finishes off the look!


5) Use the clothespins to fixate your Christmas cards to the ribbon.



Bonus Tip: Since I don’t have a lot of Christmas cards yet, I just filled out the strand of ribbon with these extra cute little cards I found at the paperie store 🙂  When I get more Christmas cards, I’ll replace these little guys with the new ones.


So there you have it!! See, I told you it was super easy. And here is what the finished product looks like! My husband even loves it & gave me a huge compliment when he got home last night 😉 Yay!


Hope you can all put this craft idea to good use! It really has already freed up so much space on my fridge & I’m still able to display all of these cards without the clutter! 


– Janeen

Spanish Dreams – Original Piano Composition

Hello everyone!!

This week’s song that I “relearned” for my big recording date was “Spanish Dreams.” This song is one of the original 12 that will be included on my album “Reflections of Joy” to be released in early 2016.

When I wrote this song, I remember wanting to compose a song in a minor key. A lot of my music that I create is bright & happy & in major keys…. so I mixed it up a bit with this song. The result was a very Spanish sounding arrangement, still upbeat but in a minor key. It provides a bit of a contrast from the other music on my album, but in a good way I think! 😉

Had a good time re-learning this song this week… this is one that I hadn’t played in awhile, so it was nice reconnecting to it & practicing up for my recording date, which is now less than 3 weeks away!! Eeee!

I hope you all enjoy this one! If you do, it would be the best compliment if you could stay connected with me by following this blog (click follow button on right side of page), subscribing to my YouTube Channel or liking my Facebook page 🙂 Until my website is launched in a few months, that’s the best way to stay up to date with album release updates, new music, etc.

Thanks & Happy Listening!!

– Janeen

Days on Grandma’s Farm – Original Piano Composition

Hey guys!!

This week’s song that I’m practicing up for my big recording date (now less than a month away!) is super special to me. It’s called “Days on Grandma’s Farm” & is one of the original 12 I wrote when I was pretty young (14 years old) & it definitely carries a youthful, happy-go-lucky tone, which, of course, brings me back to those good ol’ Days on Grandma’s Farm 🙂

This song is dedicated to my dear grandmother, Geraldine Bruening, who had since passed away at the time of writing this song. Growing up, she lived on a farm place only about 20 minutes from my childhood home. Those memories that I have of days on the farm are ones that I truly cherish…. I cannot put into words how much (although I will attempt), but I guess a song might be the closest I can get! 😉

The consistent pattern of the lower hand in this song depicts the “hum-drum” of the wonderfully simple, everyday life on the farm. Looking back, I realize even more how great of a gift those days on the farm were to me. There was no better feeling than being outside with all my cousins & loved ones, experiencing pure freedom, a sense of adventure as we explored, a creative & playful spirit, & a deep-rooted appreciation for nature & getting your hands dirty sometimes 😉

This is another one of my beautifully simple songs. I hope this song takes you back to a place that has a special imprint on your heart. It honestly makes me tear up when I play this & reflect on the meaning behind it (happy tears of course!). This one’s for you, Grandma B!

– Janeen

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