Days on Grandma’s Farm – Original Piano Composition

Hey guys!!

This week’s song that I’m practicing up for my big recording date (now less than a month away!) is super special to me. It’s called “Days on Grandma’s Farm” & is one of the original 12 I wrote when I was pretty young (14 years old) & it definitely carries a youthful, happy-go-lucky tone, which, of course, brings me back to those good ol’ Days on Grandma’s Farm 🙂

This song is dedicated to my dear grandmother, Geraldine Bruening, who had since passed away at the time of writing this song. Growing up, she lived on a farm place only about 20 minutes from my childhood home. Those memories that I have of days on the farm are ones that I truly cherish…. I cannot put into words how much (although I will attempt), but I guess a song might be the closest I can get! 😉

The consistent pattern of the lower hand in this song depicts the “hum-drum” of the wonderfully simple, everyday life on the farm. Looking back, I realize even more how great of a gift those days on the farm were to me. There was no better feeling than being outside with all my cousins & loved ones, experiencing pure freedom, a sense of adventure as we explored, a creative & playful spirit, & a deep-rooted appreciation for nature & getting your hands dirty sometimes 😉

This is another one of my beautifully simple songs. I hope this song takes you back to a place that has a special imprint on your heart. It honestly makes me tear up when I play this & reflect on the meaning behind it (happy tears of course!). This one’s for you, Grandma B!

– Janeen

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