Happy Heart – Original Piano Composition

Hey all!!

Here’s another song that will be included on my upcoming New Beginnings Album! This one is called Happy Heart.

I wrote this song shortly after I had started my new job. It was a big decision to change careers, & definitely not an easy decision to make, but in hindsight, it ended up being the BEST decision for me. It’s difficult making a big change like that… so much uncertainty at the time, & lots of unknowns. However, I realized very quickly after starting my new job that I was going to be a lot happier. I learned that it’s a very freeing feeling to take charge of your own life & make those tough decisions that are going to better serve you & your priorities, even if there are some costs involved. Making this job change has allowed me to focus on more of those priorities in my life: time with family & friends, my health, & of course, my PIANO passion!! (just to name a few)

The overflowing happiness & contentment that I felt (& still feel) came bursting out of me in the form of this song. I just love how lighthearted & carefree this song is. It truly is a reflection of the overwhelming happiness I have in my heart. I’m so grateful to God that He has given me a joyful heart. Hopefully this happy song can bring a little bit of happiness to your heart as well 🙂

Ohh and one last fun sidenote, I also wanted “Heart” to be in the title as a nod to my wonderful town that contributes so much to my happiness, Valentine, Nebraska AKA “The Heart City.”

Hope you enjoy!!!

– Janeen

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I’m Recording an Album! “Reflections of Joy” to be released in 2016

Hey there!

So, you might have heard the news already but I’m just SO excited about it, I decided that it deserved its own blog post 🙂 I’ve got a recording date set for December 23, 2015 & will be releasing my first official album, “Reflections of Joy” sometime in early 2016 (make sure you follow the blog or my Facebook page for updates!)

In my very first blog post back in March of this year, I got a little personal & described “My Melodic Journey,” which basically explains my piano journey, my motivation for the blog, & why I am where I’m at today (check out that post here). In that post, I had explained my hesitancy about going to a professional recording studio again. I was worried it would put too much pressure on me & make me lose my composition “spark” again. However, since that time, I have been researching like a crazy person & trying to figure out the best route to go. After months & months of research, self reflection, & advice from loved ones, I have decided that the best route to go is to record professionally. Let’s face it, I don’t want to do all that work myself & would rather outsource to the professionals who know what the heck they’re doing (and do it 100 billion times better than me). Plus, I decided that, hello …. I’m a different person than I was when I was 14. I’m a grown-ass woman with a passion & a mission. No one is pressuring me to do this, except me 🙂

So, there began my hunt for a recording studio semi-close to me (which is a huge feat, considering my location in Valentine, NE where the nearest bigger town is over 2 hours away). Long story short, the stars aligned & God sent me an answer. A lady from Seward visited The Prairie Club who records her piano music professionally & she gave me the name of the place she records, which is Power Base Studio in Wisner, NE. Wisner is only about 3 hours from us in Valentine & only about an hour away from my hometown in Hartington! I looked up some of her recordings, loved them, researched the website, read all his fabulous testimonials, called Dan, loved him, got great info, & scheduled the recording session for December 23 when we’ll be traveling home for the holidays. PERFECT!!

Now, after some thought, I have decided that I want to keep my original 12 songs separate from my new ones. I just think of them as representing 2 completely different stages of my life & I want to keep them separate. Therefore, I will be releasing just my original 12 songs on the album which I will name “Reflections of Joy” (who knew that would be so fitting now when I named that first song!) My newer songs (3 and counting) will be released on a 2nd album when I have more to add to the collection.

Now that I’ll have professional music recordings to share & sell, I’ve been putting my nose to the grind, researching & figuring out the best way to get it out there! There’s lots to learn & all this technical stuff is kind of hurting my brain, but it will be well worth it 😉 I’m currently working on setting up a website (which will be janeenarens.com), so that I’ll have a one stop shop for all my stuff! Just for fun, here’s a little sneak peak of what it will look like.

website preview updated

I’d be thrilled if you could support me by following this blog (just click the “Follow” button on the right side of my blog page) or liking my Facebook page. Right now, those are the best ways to stay up to date with my music stuff & also the best way to learn about when my website is live, which will then be the best place to stay connected with me 🙂

THANK YOU for following & supporting my journey!

Much love,

– Janeen

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Reflections of Joy – My First Original Piano Composition

Hello everyone!

Now that I’ve shared a few of my newest compositions & pieces I’ve been working on, I figured I’d throw it ALLLLL the way back to where it all began – “Reflections of Joy.”

This was my very first piano composition. I wrote this song when I was 14 years old. I remember coming up with the melody in the shower (singing in the shower … typical) & then playing around with it on the piano & embellishing it until……VOILA …. my very first original song was born. This created a domino effect & I fell in love with composing & wrote many other songs that year (which I will be sharing on here…follow the blog if you want to be notified when I publish the rest!)

Some people from around my hometown might recognize this as the “Wintz & Ray Funeral Home Theme Song”…haha! For those of you who may not know, my family is in the funeral business, so they use my music for a lot of their commercials & stuff 😉

My mom helped me come up with the name (she helped me name all of my songs back then) … we decided on “Reflections of Joy” because it made us think back on happy times & wonderful memories. I hope this has the same effect on all of you as you listen to this song & reflect on your own happy times in your past 🙂

Thanks for listening!!

Ohh and if you happened to miss the other songs I’ve posted, check out the “Music” page on the blog here where all of the videos are 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the song! I’d love to hear what you think of it. Thank you so much for following my melody!

Until next time,

– Janeen