Happy Heart – Original Piano Composition

Hey all!!

Here’s another song that will be included on my upcoming New Beginnings Album! This one is called Happy Heart.

I wrote this song shortly after I had started my new job. It was a big decision to change careers, & definitely not an easy decision to make, but in hindsight, it ended up being the BEST decision for me. It’s difficult making a big change like that… so much uncertainty at the time, & lots of unknowns. However, I realized very quickly after starting my new job that I was going to be a lot happier. I learned that it’s a very freeing feeling to take charge of your own life & make those tough decisions that are going to better serve you & your priorities, even if there are some costs involved. Making this job change has allowed me to focus on more of those priorities in my life: time with family & friends, my health, & of course, my PIANO passion!! (just to name a few)

The overflowing happiness & contentment that I felt (& still feel) came bursting out of me in the form of this song. I just love how lighthearted & carefree this song is. It truly is a reflection of the overwhelming happiness I have in my heart. I’m so grateful to God that He has given me a joyful heart. Hopefully this happy song can bring a little bit of happiness to your heart as well 🙂

Ohh and one last fun sidenote, I also wanted “Heart” to be in the title as a nod to my wonderful town that contributes so much to my happiness, Valentine, Nebraska AKA “The Heart City.”

Hope you enjoy!!!

– Janeen

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