Liberation – Original Piano Composition LIVE

Hello hello!

First of all, an update. I have moved my recording date up a week to October 29, which means that I will hopefully be able to get some new music in your hands sooner than my original goal release date of December 1!! 🙂

The song I’m sharing today will be on my upcoming “New Beginnings” album & is called “Liberation.” This clip is from a concert I performed back in June here at my home parish in Valentine, NE. I wrote this song early this year while going through a big decision to change jobs. I had also just released my first CD. Throughout this process, I was doing a lot of thinking & soul searching to figure out how to best honor my priorities & live God’s call for my life. When I really listened, I knew in my heart that a change was needed so I took a leap of faith, made the difficult decision to change jobs, & I never looked back. It was definitely the right decision for me & has allowed me to be able to spend more time on my love for the piano. I feel like my life is now in alignment with my priorities & it has made me SO happy, fulfilled, joyful, & LIBERATED (cue Liberation).

I hope you enjoyed this song!! Thanks for listening!

Love, Janeen

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Know God First, Because He Knows Everybody

Hey guys!!

Wow! Just got done listening to a new podcast I discovered called “Going Solo” by Matthew Mayer – Solo Piano Artist. I must say, it struck a big chord with me, especially when I heard this quote by the solo piano artist being interviewed, Kim Deardorff. Kim spoke a lot about letting God work through you & trusting in Him to guide your path. This shift in thinking for me was the sole reason I had enough courage to put an album out there into the world. To say this podcast interview was relatable would be an understatement. My new go to motto is “Serve the Lord.” When I’m in pressure situations or if I’m nervous that I’m not good enough, I tell myself that serving God, & in turn serving the world through God, is the purpose behind what I’m doing, & He will help me through it & guide me according to His path for me. I’ve been trying to know God first, & that has made all the difference for me.


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I’m Recording an Album! “Reflections of Joy” to be released in 2016

Hey there!

So, you might have heard the news already but I’m just SO excited about it, I decided that it deserved its own blog post 🙂 I’ve got a recording date set for December 23, 2015 & will be releasing my first official album, “Reflections of Joy” sometime in early 2016 (make sure you follow the blog or my Facebook page for updates!)

In my very first blog post back in March of this year, I got a little personal & described “My Melodic Journey,” which basically explains my piano journey, my motivation for the blog, & why I am where I’m at today (check out that post here). In that post, I had explained my hesitancy about going to a professional recording studio again. I was worried it would put too much pressure on me & make me lose my composition “spark” again. However, since that time, I have been researching like a crazy person & trying to figure out the best route to go. After months & months of research, self reflection, & advice from loved ones, I have decided that the best route to go is to record professionally. Let’s face it, I don’t want to do all that work myself & would rather outsource to the professionals who know what the heck they’re doing (and do it 100 billion times better than me). Plus, I decided that, hello …. I’m a different person than I was when I was 14. I’m a grown-ass woman with a passion & a mission. No one is pressuring me to do this, except me 🙂

So, there began my hunt for a recording studio semi-close to me (which is a huge feat, considering my location in Valentine, NE where the nearest bigger town is over 2 hours away). Long story short, the stars aligned & God sent me an answer. A lady from Seward visited The Prairie Club who records her piano music professionally & she gave me the name of the place she records, which is Power Base Studio in Wisner, NE. Wisner is only about 3 hours from us in Valentine & only about an hour away from my hometown in Hartington! I looked up some of her recordings, loved them, researched the website, read all his fabulous testimonials, called Dan, loved him, got great info, & scheduled the recording session for December 23 when we’ll be traveling home for the holidays. PERFECT!!

Now, after some thought, I have decided that I want to keep my original 12 songs separate from my new ones. I just think of them as representing 2 completely different stages of my life & I want to keep them separate. Therefore, I will be releasing just my original 12 songs on the album which I will name “Reflections of Joy” (who knew that would be so fitting now when I named that first song!) My newer songs (3 and counting) will be released on a 2nd album when I have more to add to the collection.

Now that I’ll have professional music recordings to share & sell, I’ve been putting my nose to the grind, researching & figuring out the best way to get it out there! There’s lots to learn & all this technical stuff is kind of hurting my brain, but it will be well worth it 😉 I’m currently working on setting up a website (which will be, so that I’ll have a one stop shop for all my stuff! Just for fun, here’s a little sneak peak of what it will look like.

website preview updated

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THANK YOU for following & supporting my journey!

Much love,

– Janeen

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