Know God First, Because He Knows Everybody

Hey guys!!

Wow! Just got done listening to a new podcast I discovered called “Going Solo” by Matthew Mayer – Solo Piano Artist. I must say, it struck a big chord with me, especially when I heard this quote by the solo piano artist being interviewed, Kim Deardorff. Kim spoke a lot about letting God work through you & trusting in Him to guide your path. This shift in thinking for me was the sole reason I had enough courage to put an album out there into the world. To say this podcast interview was relatable would be an understatement. My new go to motto is “Serve the Lord.” When I’m in pressure situations or if I’m nervous that I’m not good enough, I tell myself that serving God, & in turn serving the world through God, is the purpose behind what I’m doing, & He will help me through it & guide me according to His path for me. I’ve been trying to know God first, & that has made all the difference for me.


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