Road to Triumph – Original Piano Composition

Hey all!

Here’s a video of me playing the full version of Road to Triumph. I wrote this song in early 2015 but it is part of my collection of my most recent songs to be included on my 2nd album, “New Beginnings” so I wanted to reshare!

This song just makes me so pumped up every time I play it & it’s one of my most fun songs to play! The triumphant key change ending gets me every time 😉 It gives me the feeling of being able to conquer anything. This one was tough to write/teach myself, but that feeling of finally conquering it was one of the best.

If you’d like to see another video of me playing this one & some more insight into this song, check out this blog post that I posted when I first wrote this song last year.

Enjoy all!! I’d love to hear what you think of this one. Can’t wait to record album #2. Recording date is set for November 5!!


Love, Janeen

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The Road to Triumph – Original Piano Composition

Happy Easter Weekend!!

With it being Easter Weekend, I thought this was the perfect time to share my latest composition, “The Road to Triumph.”

As you will hear, the melody of this song starts with kind of a mysterious, despairing sound. However, if you listen to it all the way through, it ends with a very triumphant, jubilant tone. When I play this song, I think about the journey of someone who goes through struggles, who has to pick themselves up, break through their barriers, & keep working toward the finish line until finally reaching that triumphant ending where they achieve the ultimate victory.

Why is this relevant for Easter Weekend? Well, with it being Good Friday yesterday, I watched “The Passion of the Christ” last night (if you have not seen this movie, you NEED to watch it! So powerful. It’s on-demand on Netflix. Do it.). I hadn’t watched that movie in quite some time, so had forgotten the power behind it & how eye-opening it is!! Although very difficult to watch (I cried through most of it), I decided that this is something I need to watch every Lent, particularly on Good Friday, because it makes the celebration of Easter even more glorious and…..well….. triumphant! 🙂

As I played this song today, I reflected on Jesus’ passion, death, & resurrection. I thought about the gruesome reality of His sacrifice for me, His road to the cross, dying for my sins, but ultimately achieving the greatest triumph over evil, rising again & saving us all from sin!

Whatever you choose to reflect on while listening to this song, your own journey, the journey of a loved one, or the journey of Jesus as he carried his cross to die for our sins & rise again, I hope that you find joy in listening to this “Road to Triumph.”

PS: don’t mind my pillow in the shot / excellent videoing skills :/ Ha!

God Bless you all & Happy Easter!! 🙂

– Janeen