Road to Triumph – Original Piano Composition

Hey all!

Here’s a video of me playing the full version of Road to Triumph. I wrote this song in early 2015 but it is part of my collection of my most recent songs to be included on my 2nd album, “New Beginnings” so I wanted to reshare!

This song just makes me so pumped up every time I play it & it’s one of my most fun songs to play! The triumphant key change ending gets me every time 😉 It gives me the feeling of being able to conquer anything. This one was tough to write/teach myself, but that feeling of finally conquering it was one of the best.

If you’d like to see another video of me playing this one & some more insight into this song, check out this blog post that I posted when I first wrote this song last year.

Enjoy all!! I’d love to hear what you think of this one. Can’t wait to record album #2. Recording date is set for November 5!!


Love, Janeen

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YouTube: Janeen Arens
Instagram: janeen.arens

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