The Weary Traveler – Original Piano Composition

Hey everyone!

Today I’m sharing the full version of “The Weary Traveler,” which will be one of the songs included on my New Beginnings album (goal release December 2016).

This was one of those songs that I wrote from start to finish in a couple hours. I remember that it was the same day that I finished another song, Gardener’s Waltz. For some reason, after I finished that song, my mind went in a completely different direction & I ended up playing around with this droning sequence in the left hand. I put a melody to it & in just a few hours, this song was born.

That droning sequence in the left hand is the continuous theme throughout this song. It reminds me of a wanderer, someone traveling through the desert, unsure when they will reach their destination, growing weary but continuing on, determined to press on until they get to their final destination.

I remember this story coming into my head early on in this song’s writing process. I had the title in mind before the song was finished, which was a different approach than songs I had written in the past. Usually, I wouldn’t come up with a name until it was all finished. This song taught me that focusing in on the song’s inspiration & naming it early on in the writing process helps me come up with a work of art that is completely congruent with that story & title.


Hope you all enjoyed The Weary Traveler! Thanks for listening & visiting my blog!

– Janeen

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